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In order to be a Youth Delegate at Convention please complete BOTH the online application AND download and send in the form below.

Youth Delegate at Diocesan Convention

Young people in the Diocese have been celebrating and learning about their call to ministry throughout the
years by participating in the annual Conventions. This year will be an exciting year to be a member of the
official Diocesan Youth Presence. 

Each one of the ten Deaneries provides a seat, voice, and vote for one youth delegate and one youth
alternate. This is a unique opportunity to address the current issues discussed and to advocate for the needs
of young people.

To be a Delegate you must attend the mandatory Youth Training (TBD).

There is a $125 fee to help cover a portion of two hotel nights and food expenses for Convention.
If you are employed, you should ask to be excused from work on Friday and Saturday, November 15th & 16th.

If you are in school, we can provide a release letter for you for Friday, November 16th.

You must provide for your own transportation to and from the Convention location and be picked up in a
timely manner at the conclusion of Convention.